The MacGyver of EDCs

The Tactical Marker transforms the ubiquitous every-day-carry Sharpie pen into a unique EDC tool that can also be used for camping, hiking, punching leather and sheet metal, or using as an awl, breaking hard ground, breaking and gripping ice, boating, prying, rope work… the list goes on and on! It includes 3 screw-on ends, referred to as the Tapper, Hammer and Spike, that can be used for various purposes. Vid after the jump!

Designer: Bobby Davis


  • VZ44 says:

    well,I bet there don’t know we already have a lot of tactical pen like this in china,very low price

  • Robustas says:

    Would love to see a version where the tools were stowed in the device, just to carry one item.

    Nice idea though seems like carrying more individual pieces than necessary

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