Unique microwave oven design comes with a vertical-popping tray, like a toaster

Dubbed the Range Pop, this microwave isn’t quite like any other. It does have a door and a microwave tray, but they aren’t located on the front of the appliance. Instead, the door and tray both open upwards, allowing your food to descend into the microwave for heating, and ascend upwards when heated. This, according to designers at WINIA Co. LTD., “enables the user to keep their distance and naturally avoid contact with electromagnetic waves.”

The Range Pop’s new format presents a different experience that has its own set of pros and cons. For starters, the chances of electromagnetic waves leaking out through the chamber is reduced, and it’s easier to access your food without bending over or spilling something. On the flip side, the Range Pop requires vertical space – something that most homes and a few office canteens may not be able to provide… and unlike conventional ovens, you don’t get to see your food rotating on the turntable as it heats. However, the upper door does enable you to place food on top of the oven, thanks to a set of 4 colorful trays that fit right into the door’s slightly concave design! Those trays then slide directly into the microwave, allowing you to heat your food in them, and easily remove them once you’re done, so you’re never touching a hot utensil.

Designer: WINIA Co. Ltd.

The Range Pop takes a unique approach to the microwave experience in a way that does feel like it has a bit of a learning curve, but not for long. The microwave’s entire front acts as a display, working as a clock when not in use, for temperature selection before you warm your meal, and as a timer while your food reheats. You can place your food in two different tiers (something you couldn’t previously do in a microwave), and the lid of the Range Pop also has a small tray for adding water, so your food doesn’t become dry and rubbery – a trick that works especially well with bread-based items. The same tray could be used to add lemon water to help remove grime if the microwave becomes dirty after prolonged use!