This Keurig-style appliance dispenses shaved-ice desserts and slushies on demand!

Designed for kitchen and frozen-appliance brand Crownful, the Slush Machine is a rather memorable, iconic-looking device that’s simple on the eyes and simple to use too. Looking almost like an inverted ice cone, the machine shaves ice on demand, dispensing fine slush into the vessel below to make frozen desserts, slushies, or to just upgrade your iced tea or iced-coffee game!

The Slush Machine is an incredibly intuitive-looking appliance with a single-button interface on the top. The appliance stands upright on any countertop surface, with a hollow space underneath for collecting the shaved ice. Just plug it in and press the PUSH button on top for as long as you want and the Slush Machine will keep dispensing shaved ice.

Designer: Whynot Design for Crownful

“You only need to plug in the power adapter, add ordinary ice cubes, and press the shaved ice“, says Whynot Design. You can then upgrade the Slush Machine’s abilities by topping the ice with your favorite syrup or juice, or using it to concoct frozen cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails, or just top the ice off with some fruit for a fresh, natural low-calorie pick-me-up!

A winner of the iF Design Award for the year 2022, the Slush Machine’s design evokes a minimalist simplicity that’s just worth appreciating. There aren’t extra features, voice commands, or internet connectivity – there’s just crushed ice! The appliance separates its motor from the rest of the product’s housing by using a brushed metal cover around the device’s electrical components. The rest of the Slush Machine’s ‘fuselage’ is made from ABS plastic, known for its reliability and impact-resistance while the internal ice mold boxes are made of PP material (polypropylene), a recyclable food-grade plastic.