This minimal kitchen + induction cooktop is the space-saving appliance we need for our millennial homes!

Space can be a real issue these days, especially in our modern urban homes. We often find ourselves maneuvering our way through our home, trying to squish our way through our own belongings. Add a tiny kitchen to the mix, and you have the home of every millennial ever! Navigating and cooking in a small kitchen can often be a pain. It’s hard to fit all crucial appliances in it, while also leaving enough space for you to move about and cook your meals comfortably. Hence, having kitchen appliances that are compact and space-saving is a must! This is where Fabita’s Cucinotta comes in!

Adriano Design designed Cucinotta for the Italian kitchen appliances manufacturer Fabita. Cucinotta can be described as a mini kitchen with large eyes and slender legs, it almost looks like a cute cartoon! It’s a compact and portable piece of furniture that can fit into almost any section of your home. Measuring less than half a square meter, the minimal mini-kitchen features an induction cooktop, a hood, and a large utility drawer (that can also be used as a fridge!). Powered by a single cord, Cucinotta leaves behind a minute carbon footprint. It, in fact, even has a wireless charging space for mobile devices.

The hood and the drawer have been crafted from white lacquer, whereas the remaining structure is ash wood. Both the materials contribute to the minimal vibe of Cucinotta, creating a delicate and elegant kitchen appliance that merges effortlessly in any space that it is placed into. Not only does it rate high on functionality and space-saving, but it also scores well on aesthetics and looks! This is the perfect kitchen appliance for our modern millennial homes!

Designer: Adriano Design for Fabita