These high-quality towels bring the Japanese design spirit to your bath and home

It’s too easy to ordinary everyday objects take for granted precisely because they are mundane and common. It is, however, where great product design shines the most. It isn’t enough for something to work as advertised; it also has to make the user feel great about it, both in body and in mind. Bath and hand towels seem to be odd objects to fuss over, but it’s also the perfect example of how low-quality materials and poor design can ruin what should have been a relaxing bath. Premium towels, however, don’t need to cost an arm and a leg, and neither do they have to look extravagant. In Japanese culture and design, simple, understated solutions are often the best, and these Japarcana Imabari towels prove that point.

Designer: Taisei

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After taking a bath or even after heavy exercises, our skins tend to be more sensitive than usual. Our minds are also often put into a state where we become more attuned to the things around us, especially what we put near or on our bodies. A soft, absorbent, and durable towel is the perfect complement to a soothing bath and the perfect cap for an exhausting workout, but most towels you buy off the rack aren’t made to be that way, especially after even just a few months.

The imabari Towel Brand Mark – Only given to towels that have passed quality standards in Japan’s largest towel producing area, Imabari.

The Japanese towel industry based in Imabari has long solved this problem, and Japarcana wants to bring that to the rest of the world. Simple and time-proven weaving techniques, high-quality cotton, and strict quality standards all come together to create a towel with excellent water absorption, soft texture, and long-lasting durability. These towels have the imabari towel stamp of approval, something that isn’t just given out to any towel brand.

Yudono – A highly absorbent and durable towel.

Japarcana towels come in two flavors. Yudono, which means “to bathe” in Japanese, is designed to be light, thin, and perfect for almost everyone. Make no mistake, it is also made to be very durable, solving one of the biggest problems with cheap towels. Its softness feels great on the skin after a bath, and its loop pile weaving lets it absorb water with a single swipe, no scrubbing necessary. And to further cement its Japanese roots, the towel’s label utilizes an ukiyo-e illustration depicting traditional Japanese baths, clearly pointing to the towel’s primary function.

Wipes Dry With Excellent Water Absorption – This towel will absorb all liquids with just a simple wipe.

Smooth, Velvety Touch – Has a soft, smooth, and elegant feel to it. It has a moderate thickness and softness that you can enjoy.

Omiyage – Increased volume and softness increased.

For those who want a bit more heft and softness to their bath towels, the Omiyage line is a perfect choice. It uses 100% high-quality Superior Pima Cotton and untwisted yarn to produce a thicker towel that retains its water absorption qualities and even increases its fluffiness. It delivers a more luxurious and premium-feeling towel, befitting the feudal lord or “tono-sama” ukiyo-e illustration on the towel’s label. And just like its name, which means “souvenir,” the Omiyage is like a gift that you give to yourself, one that you’ll treasure for a long time.

Using Untwisted Yarn, Increasing Softness – The yarn in ordinary towels are twisted to give them a durable toughness, but untwisted yarns make the surface fluffy and extremely soft.

It’s a good thing, then, that these towels are made for keeps. Unlike regular towels that thin and wear out after just a few months, these Japarcana towels will last far longer and retain their softness and water absorption long after other towels have given up. It’s like buying the equivalent of three or more towels that you’ll just throw away after a short period of time, making the price of a Japarcana Imabari Towel feel more like a long-term investment than a simple one-off purchase.

Click Here to Buy Now: $37 $44 (15% off). Hurry, for a limited time only.