This Desktop Engraver with a Dual Laser System is the Ultimate Customization Tool for Everyone

The xTool F1 Ultra represents a significant advancement in the engraving industry. It is the world’s first desktop engraver featuring a dual laser system with a 20W fiber and 20W diode galvo. This system allows it to handle a diverse array of materials, such as wood, acrylic, leather, metals, and plastics. Its versatility makes it an ideal option for both professionals and hobbyists.

Designer: xTool

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Using an IR (infrared) laser as its laser source and a fiber (diode-pumped fiber laser) as the gain medium, the F1 Ultra stands out in its capability. These components are crucial for generating laser light. When the laser source strikes the gain medium, the intensity of the laser beam is amplified. Unlike the xTool S1 & F1 and other common IR lasers on the market that use DPSS (diode-pumped solid-state laser) as the gain medium, this engraver uses fiber to maximize laser power. This design choice results in deeper engraving and cutting at the same power level, making the F1 Ultra an exceptionally powerful and efficient tool.

The F1 Ultra, combining a 20W fiber and a 20W diode laser, broadens the range of materials that can be engraved. This powerful system supports deep engraving, embossing, and cutting. The 20W fiber laser excels on all metals, plastics, rocks, and ceramics, enabling deep engraving, embossing, and cutting thin metal sheets. The 20W diode laser is perfect for common materials like wood, acrylic (excluding translucent colors), leather, glass, paper, rubber, and fabric, and can efficiently cut these materials. In addition, the F1 Ultra is adept at metal cutting. Its 20W fiber laser can cut thin pieces of stainless steel (0.3mm), brass (0.4mm), and aluminum (0.2mm), making it suitable for various metalworking projects.

The Auto Streamline Production technology is enhanced by a built-in 16MP camera, which can automatically recognize shapes and patterns on the production line. This intelligent system allows the F1 Ultra to accurately fill patterns on each piece. The process is streamlined and requires only a single cable to connect to the conveyor, simplifying operations.
With the largest working area among desktop galvo engravers, the F1 Ultra measures 220x220mm and extends to 220x500mm with the conveyor. This area is nearly double the size of other brands, which typically measure 110x110mm and expand to 170x170mm with the conveyor. Despite its large size, the F1 Ultra maintains laser power concentration, making it the largest of its kind, whether equipped with a conveyor or not.

The world’s first 20W fiber and diode dual laser. Not only does it expand the range of materials that can be engraved, F1 ultra’s 20W high power allows you to do deep engrave, emboss and cut.

Both the diode and fiber lasers inside the F1 Ultra are engineered for exceptional performance, capable of engraving at impressive speeds on a wide variety of materials, including wood, metals, plastic, acrylic, and leather. The high power and precision of the lasers enable rapid processing without compromising on quality. This speed significantly reduces waiting times, allowing for more projects to be completed in a shorter period. As a result, the F1 Ultra enhances productivity and improves workflow efficiency. Whether you’re working on a single intricate piece or a batch of items, the swift engraving capabilities of the F1 Ultra ensure that deadlines are met and output is maximized. This level of efficiency is particularly beneficial for businesses offering personalized services, as it allows for quick turnaround times and the ability to handle a higher volume of custom orders, ultimately boosting profitability and customer satisfaction.

Auto Streamline Production™ with Camera, No More Complex Procedures

Safety is a primary focus in the F1 Ultra’s design. The fully enclosed machine is engineered to prevent accidental injuries from the invisible fiber laser light, providing a secure operating environment. The enclosure is specifically designed to filter out strong blue light emitted by the diode laser, which protects users’ eyes from potential harm. This design consideration is crucial, as exposure to intense laser light can cause serious eye damage. Additionally, the F1 Ultra is equipped with an efficient smoke extraction system. This system swiftly removes smoke and dust generated during the engraving process, ensuring clear visibility of the working area and maintaining air quality, reducing the risk of respiratory issues for the user. This feature is particularly important for storefront use, where maintaining a clean and safe environment is essential for both employees and customers.

These safety features make the F1 Ultra suitable for various settings, including educational environments where safety is paramount. These features collectively ensure that the F1 Ultra is powerful and safe, allowing users to focus on creativity and productivity without compromising health and safety standards.

Designed to be user-friendly, the F1 Ultra comes pre-assembled for immediate use. Its intuitive xTool Creative Space Software, combined with a built-in camera for easy focusing and positioning, makes it accessible even to beginners. With 7GB of storage, the touchscreen control panel allows users to save projects directly on the machine and start processing without needing to connect to a computer or tablet. Future updates will include 3D curve engraving, enabling engraving on curved surfaces up to 45°, further expanding its capabilities.

For business owners, the F1 Ultra is a big potential revenue generator. Its speed of 10000mm/s and versatility make it ideal for on-site customization, attracting customers, and creating memorable experiences.

Whether engraving names on metal jewelry or adding intricate designs to wooden items, the F1 Ultra is a valuable asset for any store offering personalized services. Its ability to perform deep engravings, cut thin metal pieces, and automate production processes sets it apart from other desktop engravers on the market. Dubbed the “Crazy Money Maker,” the F1 Ultra excels in on-site customization in stores, batch production with factory-level productivity, and jewelry making, including deep engraving and 3D embossing on metals.

Empowered by Makeblock, xTool aims to turn creativity into reality with powerful software and user-friendly hardware. Since its inception in 2018 and the launch of the first xTool Laserbox in 2019, the brand has consistently innovated in laser engraving technology. The F1 Ultra builds on this legacy, providing a versatile and powerful tool for creators, crafters, and educational professionals. It offers unmatched versatility and efficiency, making it an exceptional choice in the engraving industry.

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<Click Here to Buy Now: $3999 $4799.99 ($800.99 off). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!