An all-screen Apple MacBook concept hovers on the thin line between a laptop and iPad

The idea of an all-screen folding MacBook is out there floating in the tech circle courtesy of a reputed Apple analyst. While you may think, the MacBook is already foldable; the idea in discussion is a laptop with a foldable screen spanning down to the keyboard, offering a device with a complete display and no physical keyboard. Apple’s plan to create something like an all-screen folding MacBook is likely to get many creatives thinking of their own interpretations. If you’re game: here is how Antonio De Rosa perceives it.

Apple is already (for a long time) mulling the idea of a foldable iPhone. In reality, a handset of sorts is still in oblivion, while competitors have had about three generations of their foldables already on the market. Apple is known for its watch, wait, perfect and then market to kill strategy; and for me, Apple is perfecting the game before it divulges the irresistible foldable iPhone.

Designer: Antonio De Rosa

In the wake, if Apple is to reveal an all-screen MacBook, it would be an extremely new product category for the Cupertino tech giant. Such a MacBook would be sold alongside the traditional laptops with keyboard but for us, it may be difficult to pin it in a product category for it would hover on that thin line of distinction between the MacBook and the iPad.

For Antonio the notion is simple. It will be a new league in MacBook design, and this is what it could possibly look like. A fantastic all-display foldable MacBook-style laptop featuring a large single screen that folds in the middle. The folding screen will eliminate the physical keyboard and it would be something reliable, since Apple perhaps would have creased out all the hinge and the ultra-thin glass display issues that Samsung and other companies with foldable smartphones on the market generally reel under.

This different species Apple MacBook will, Antonio defines, support TouchID (as a slide button), a trimmed version of FaceID, and a gorgeous AirPen to scribble neatly on the generously big screen. All-display foldable Mac may lack a physical keyboard but the design here makes provision for the choice to pull up a digital keyboard with haptic feedback for the real typing feel. Fanboys may or may not fancy the idea of an all-screen MacBook, but there is little denying the fact that such a device will have dual usage. An iPad role to play when folded and a full-fledged laptop when open.