LEGO’s I Am Groot figure comes with repositionable limbs and even its own LEGO mixtape cassette!

Modeled on the popular Marvel sentient tree who can only utter the words “I Am Groot”, this little figurine does a pretty good job of being an actual action figure that you can build and then play with. Made from 467 bricks, the Baby Groot statue is ideal for kids above the age of ten and Marvel fans well into their adult years. The I Am Groot build sports movable limbs with adjustable fingers too, and a perpetually smiling face that is reminiscent of the dancing Baby Groot from the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie! If that didn’t steal the show already, each Groot also comes with a mixtape cassette (made from LEGO) that may not play, but it’s absolutely on theme!

Designer: LEGO

Standing at 10.5-inches, the Baby Groot figurine isn’t just your average LEGO build that resembles a woody character… it’s exceptionally on point as far as the details go. The height and proportions are perfect, as are the large, curious eyes. The bricks are also the ideal shade, and your Baby Groot action figure also comes with a few stray vines, branches, and leaves that give it its earthy, natural effect!