How to Organize Toys: 25 Ideas for a Safe Home and a Stress-free Playtime

If there are toddlers at home, there will inevitably be a multitude of toys as well. As a result, the play area, bedroom, and entire house can often be in a state of perpetual chaos. For parents, each day tends to follow a predictable routine where the child empties the toy bin and engages in brief play with a toy, only to become quickly captivated by something new. Consequently, the parent is left with an ongoing cycle of tidying up.

Hence, here are some tips to create a more organized storage solution for toys.

1. Label Storage Tubs

Designer: Love and Labels

Labeling the storage tubs and containers is highly recommended so that it is easier to keep the toys in them and segregate them accordingly. Note that a toy lacking a designated place to call home will likely contribute to ongoing disorganization.

2. Storage Baskets

Designer: PEHR

Baskets or toy bins serve as excellent tools for keeping similar items together while encouraging children to choose and focus on one or two toys at a time. Shelves and baskets offer a wide range of options, including diverse shapes, materials, and sizes, allowing one to find the perfect fit for your organizing the toys.

3. Transparent Containers

Designer: Jess Galvin

The transparent organization boxes are perfect for storing toys by category. Keep toys within sight as if the toy is out of sight, it’s out of a child’s mind. Ensuring that toys are visible is crucial because if they can’t see a toy, they might perceive it as non-existent.

4. Buy a Toy Storage Organizer

Designer: KidKraft

If there is no additional cabinet space, buy a toy storage organizer. Consider choosing tilted bin units that provide a clear view of the contents inside. This setup may be the perfect solution to encourage your kids to actively tidy up their toys by eliminating the need to pull out and put back the bins.

5. Lego Lover

Designer: Stephanie Treantos

If your child has a passion for Legos, consider using transparent containers for storage. By organizing the Lego pieces by color, finding and retrieving specific pieces during playtime becomes much simpler, enhancing their overall Lego-building experience.

6. Magnetic knife rack

Designer: Kayla South (with IKEA GRUNDTAL knife rack)

Install a magnetic strip on the wall to serve as a storage solution for toy cars making it a convenient and efficient way to keep them organized.

7. Playroom Closet

Designer: CW Home

Have a playroom closet where toys can be stored by category where one can allocate a shelf for board games, another for toy bins, for car displays, and so on. It is highly recommended to provide a limited number of toys to enable children to quickly find and choose their preferred playthings.

8. Built-in Storage

Designer: Jennifer Maune

Built-in storage with closed cabinets can effectively keep toy clutter at bay while maintaining a neat and clean appearance. The cabinets conceal the clutter of toys, creating a visually appealing space.

9. Car Garage

Designer: Ryan Wolosek

An array of wooden shelves is perfect for displaying toy cars and is a great way to create a stylish and organized display. It enhances the visual appeal of the room and encourages the children to keep the toys in the correct place.

10. Storage box

Designer: Katrina Teeple

Maintaining a neat and tidy environment by keeping the toys neatly in a storage box. Sort the toys by category with storage containers as it prevents the box from looking messy.

11. Window Seat

Designer: Biz Martin

Make optimum use of the window seats by utilizing the space below for storing or organizing children’s toys and books so that they are easily accessible for children.

12. Low-height Storage

Designer: Kayla Hollomon (with IKEA TROFAST)

Consider low-level storage as it is ideal for toddlers and allows easy access to toys. This type of storage solution is reachable by young children, making it convenient for them to independently select their toys and books.

13. Get Creative

This setup incorporates a study area with bins placed below a table for storing toys. The overhead shelves feature separate containers for storage, while a shelf is dedicated to soft toys. Additionally, the shelves are creatively painted in the shape of a house, adding character and visual appeal. This low-cost approach creates an interesting and engaging space for children.

14. Make Optimum Use of Walls

Designer: The Road Forks

Sleek shelves are an ideal choice for displaying books without overwhelming the space. Keeping the shelves’ front visible makes it easier for children to select their favorite books. This storage solution combines functionality and accessibility, making it convenient for children to pick up their preferred books.

15. Get Creative with Storage

Designer: Hand Makes Home (with IKEA TROFAST)

This setup showcases various designs of containers and bins for toy storage, adding an aesthetically pleasing touch that avoids a dull or monotonous appearance. The assortment of containers adds visual interest while maintaining a functional storage solution for toys.

16. Use Planter Pots

Designer: Kayla Hollomon

Install hanging planter bins to efficiently segregate toys and books by category. Suspended from a rod, these bins maximize space utilization while providing a visually appealing storage solution. Organize your child’s belongings with ease and style using these functional and space-saving planter bins.

17. Floating Shelves

Designer: Kayla Hollomon

If space is limited, floating shelves can be the perfect solution for displaying books. Consider using glass shelves for a sleek and modern look, or opt for readymade shelves for convenience. These space-saving options allow you to showcase your books while maximizing the available space in your home.

18. Corner Shelves

Designer: Ashley Johnston

Make the most of unused corners by transforming them into storage areas for children’s toys and books. Utilizing shelves in these corners provides an excellent solution for organizing and storing toys, books, and games. As children outgrow toys, the shelf space can be repurposed for books, ensuring a seamless transition and efficient use of the available storage area.

19. Under-bed Storage

Designer: Great Little Trading Co.

Make use of rolling drawers placed underneath the bed or couch to conveniently store items that are used less frequently, such as board games, train tracks, or extra craft supplies as this space is valuable and shouldn’t be left unused.

20. Create Balance

Designer: Sarah (Thrifty Decor Chick)

Here is a well-designed storage unit that combines open and closed storage options. With spacious bins for concealed storage, horizontal shelves for displaying items, and a convenient countertop with globes, this unit offers functionality, style, and a sense of balance. The addition of sconce lights and a grey wall enhances the overall design, creating an aesthetically pleasing storage solution.

21. Accessorize

Designer: Christine McMichael

Certain storage solutions not only serve as practical accessories but also effectively keep toys organized and prevent clutter. These multipurpose storage solutions offer both functionality and style, allowing you to maintain a tidy space while adding a decorative touch to your home.

22. Toy Truck

Designer: Costway

This Kids Truck Storage Organizer is a perfect way to teach your little ones to organize their belongings. This compact organizer includes 2 large storage bins, 2 small drawers, a single-door cabinet, and a front-end storage bin. Designed at an appropriate height for toddlers to reach, it empowers them to take charge of their belongings. The removable bins and drawers, along with the easy-to-open cabinet door and removable truck front cover, provide easy access and encourage good organization habits.

23. Toy Story

Designer: Homedit

A set of interconnected tubs creates a captivating and artistic storage solution. The vibrant orange bin adds a contrasting element and brings visual interest to the collection of green bins. This unique arrangement not only offers functional storage but also serves as an eye-catching sculptural display.

24. Acrylic Cloud

Designer: West Elm

The acrylic cloud wall pocket is perfect for storing soft toys. It is invisible as it is transparent and offers a lightweight solution.

25. Toy Hammock

Designer: Corrie Harris

Nothing is more perfect than a macrame hammock for keeping soft toys, allowing the teddies to enjoy themselves.