Someone built a LEGO lawnmower that (sort of) works?!

In an alternate universe where grass was made from LEGO bricks, this lawnmower would be all the rage.

Yep. Someone did it. A master builder by the name of BrickinSchmirtz no less (points if you get that reference). Say hello to the LEGO Lawnmower – an MOC that actually comes with a functional pull string, motorized blades, a grass catcher, and rotating + height-adjusting wheels. It won’t chop actual grass, but it’s functional in the same way this LEGO Polaroid is functional – it comes with accurately positioned moving parts.

Designer: BrickinSchmirtz

This nifty little MOC (My Own Creation) just received a Staff Pick recommendation on the LEGO Ideas leaderboard. The 1576-piece build comes with an incredibly realistic scaled-down design and features all the parts you’d find in a regular lawnmower. Built with a classic red colorway, this little creation has wheels, a motor-box that pops open to reveal a pair of rotating blades on the inside. The motor is ‘operated’ by an actual functioning pull-string that you can tug on, and your lawnmower even has a grass catcher, filled with faux LEGO-brick grass!

For BrickinSchmirtz, the challenge was more about learning to incorporate motors into their builds. This one actually has a functioning motor, the creator says, that works when you tug on the pull string. It does get the blades to move in a rotary fashion, but given that the blades are made from LEGO too, they don’t do much in terms of cutting grass. Or cutting anything, really.

What’s so beautiful about this build is the fact that it acts as a recurring reminder of how incredibly versatile LEGO bricks are. People have actually built ‘functional’ typewriters and even a vintage cash register in the past, and this lawnmower merely adds to an ever-expanding series of projects that showcase the sheer power of LEGO bricks.

BrickinSchmirtz is currently in the process of collecting votes from the LEGO Ideas community, with over 1,000 votes in the bag. If their design reaches the coveted 10,000 vote benchmark, LEGO will turn their creation into a box-set that us ordinary folk can buy and build. To support BrickinSchmirtz and vote for their LEGO MOC, click here!