This smart gallon bottle tracks how much water you drink, and can help you maintain hydration consistency

I keep three bottles around the house. Whenever I see them, I just go ahead and have a sip of water. It’s a strangely effective way of keeping myself hydrated… but that isn’t everyone’s story. Staying hydrated is a key to maintaining peak health and energy levels, but chances are you won’t drink water ‘until’ you feel thirsty. The Ghydion Gallon is a smart gallon water bottle that tracks your daily hydration by prompting you to drink water at regular intervals. It internally tracks how much water you’ve consumed each day, with the goal of getting you to drink a gallon of water every day. The bottle also lets you mix in powders to make protein shakes, electrolyte drinks, or infused waters, and Ghydion’s app also gives you exercise recommendations to put you on the path to a healthy life.

Designer: Donovan E. Stewart

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Unlike the water bottles you may have around at home, in your gym bag, or at work, the Ghydion Gallon is a water bottle that’s designed with a focus around healthy living. The bottle tracks how many times you drink and how much water you drink, displaying your hydration journey on a small screen at the bottom. An alert light ring around the base of the Gallon lets you know that it’s been a while since you drank water, and the bottle’s dual lid gives you a sipper as well as a wide-mouth opening to drink however you want to.

The Ghydion Gallon sports an all-metal design, with a stainless steel body featuring a clear window to see your bottle’s water level, and a base that houses the display along with a built-in power bank that lets you recharge your phone while you recharge yourself with H2O. The base is entirely removable too, making your Gallon easy to clean and maintain. The top of the bottle features a lid with a dual mouthpiece and even supports the addition of pods like Ghydion’s infusion pod for infusing your water with natural flavors, or a shutter pod, which can be used to add a protein powder to your water with a simple twist.

The bottle is also accompanied by the Ghydion Pulse app, which lets you compare hydration goals with other people in your friend group, view local leaderboards, and even tap into Ghydion Coach, an app-based personalized trainer that syncs with the bottle to make sure you’re hydrated while exercising. A portal within the app also allows you to access health and fitness-related information, with the option of being able to generate workout plans, meal plans, and weight loss tips.

The Ghydion Gallon was envisioned by Donovan Stewart, a fitness enthusiast and US veteran who wanted to create a way to consistently stay hydrated. Each Gallon bottle is robustly built, designed to last, leakproof, and can be easily opened up to clean effortlessly. You can use the Gallon bottle as is (there’s a handle built into the lid), or with Ghydeon’s bottle sleeve made from neoprene, which also has zipper and mesh pouches, a loop to attach your keys, and even an ID card holder so people can return the bottle to you, should it ever get misplaced or left behind at the gym or office!

Click Here to Buy Now: $100 $165 (39% off). Hurry, only 117/150 left!