Split-Face Sink, Very Nice!

It’s so natural for us to put all the dirty dishes into the sink and come back later to tackle them. Wouldn’t it be great if our sink got intelligent enough and cleaned up the mess automatically? Ah, the pleasures of the concept world peppered with practical solutions! Here’s the Pure Washer – Eco Automatic Sink that does just this. It’s a sink that is divided into two rotatable parts, where in one part you put in the dishes, and it rotates away under the counter to wash them. The other part is a mirror image to the first and is ready to take in your next cycle.

Besides being a space-saving idea, the washing technique is eco-sensitive as well; it functions using only the minimal resources required, based on the space occupied by the dishes in the chamber. There is a cycle for washing fruits and vegetables included as well. What a perfect sink!

Designer: AHHA Project