This futuristic lava lamp is “every kind of light you could possibly think of”

With hundreds of LEDs encased under a layer of diffusing polymer, the Moonside Lamp One is a magical light that is ambient when you want, trippy when you need it, and can even synchronize to music to turn into a disco lamp. The Lamp One can be configured to light up in a single color, in a pre-determined pattern, or you can even choose from its multiple dynamic lighting themes, going from a fireplace-inspired glow to a psychedelic lava lamp with millions of colors.

Designer: Kevin Wang

Click here to Buy Now: $62.91 $99.9 (37% off with coupon code “YankoDesign”). Hurry, deal ends July 10th.

My tryst with Moonside began with the Neon Lighthouse, a product I proudly own and switch on every night before going to bed. The Neon Lighthouse is a slim, vertical tubelight-shaped lamp that has 90 individually controllable RGB LEDs with a 16 million color range. The Lamp One, its bigger, elder sibling, is a much larger smart-speaker-shaped device with 120 individually controllable LED zones. It does a much better job of filling your room with a wash of ambient light, and can be controlled via Bluetooth using Moonside’s smartphone app.

The Lamp One is a combination of a lot of things. It acts as a night lamp, a mood light, a cyberpunk lava lamp, a modern fireplace, or even a music-responsive mini disco-light. Running on a USB-C power supply, the Lamp One can be placed in any room, and configured through Moonside’s app, which gives you a variety of controls. Not only can you choose the exact color and brightness of the lamp, but you can even manually individually control each single LED to create messages, pixelated designs, and much more.

With the moonside smart app and multiple color-zones technologies, you can control the color and brightness of every single led pixel on your light.

Moreover, Moonside’s creator pack has a wide range of patterns to choose from, some of which even respond to music in real time. The app also allows you to configure the Moonside with your smart home, so the next time you want an instant fireplace, psychedelic lava lamp, or even Fourth-of-July fireworks, you can do it via a voice command!

Click here to Buy Now: $62.91 $99.9 (37% off with coupon code “YankoDesign”). Hurry, deal ends July 10th.