The world’s first portable 5G VPN router gives you access to high-speed encrypted internet anywhere in the world

The iNomad is a pocket-sized mini router that converts 5G signals into WiFi 6 signals, giving you speeds of up to 4Gb/s literally anywhere in the world with 5G support. It’s designed to travel, so you can carry your WiFi with you anywhere (instead of just using it indoors), and the fact that it has its own built-in VPN means you’ve got an unrestricted and secure internet connection that’s encrypted to protect your personal data.

Designer: Patrick Lin

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Your phone essentially gives you access to 5G networks, but the problem with that is that the 5G connection is limited to your phone. The minute you use your phone as a hotspot, your connected devices don’t benefit from the same 5G speeds… and your phone also heats up incredibly fast. What the iNomad does is give your devices access to 5G speeds by converting it into a WiFi 6 signal. Your laptop or iPad (or any other device really) might not be equipped to read 5G signals, but since the iNomad converts them into WiFi 6 signals, all your devices can benefit from speeds as high as 4Gb/s. That potentially means being able to comfortably watch a 4K movie on your Smart TV on a 5G network, or even play high-quality games on your laptop or PlayStation online (either wirelessly, or by connecting your device to the iNomad via its USB-C or Ethernet ports for a high-speed wired connection).

The fact that the iNomad is portable means your high-speed internet can travel with you, and if you’ve got yourself a decent 5G plan, the iNomad can connect up to 32 devices, allowing your entire fleet of smart-home products to benefit from the 5G network. Some might call it overkill, but anyone in the tech industry will remind you that 4K was overkill a few years ago… now smartphone cameras can shoot in 4K.

The nifty handheld router’s biggest advantage is exactly that… it’s handheld. The ability to carry the iNomad with you makes it incredibly useful if you’re traveling, or working from a location that doesn’t have access to high-speed internet, or even a location that has geo-restrictions on the internet.

iNomad comes with its own built-in Zero-Log VPN that helps unlock the internet, allowing you to access websites that would otherwise be blocked by governments and ISPs (Internet Service Providers), while also ensuring that nobody can snoop on your internet activity. The iNomad even comes with the latest WPA3 encryption, which prevents people from being able to hack into your WiFi.

The iNomad portable router is roughly the size of your average power-bank, and comes with a neat faux carbon-fiber pattern on its outside (emphasizing how cutting-edge it is). A small 2.4-inch color touchscreen on the router lets you access and control its various functions while even seeing upload/download speeds, as well as checking the iNomad’s battery level. A 6000mAh internal battery makes the iNomad practically a power-bank too, giving it up to 16 hours of continuous usage, and even letting you charge your devices. A USB-C slot on the router supports power and data delivery, while the iNomad even comes with a traditional Ethernet port, allowing you to directly hook devices via a LAN cable to the router.

However, here are a few things you should know. The iNomad runs off a 5G SIM card, which comes with its own internet plans – depending on which part of the world you are in, a plan could cost between $250 and $300 for an entire year of unlimited 5G internet (or more if you travel internationally between multiple countries/continents)… that’s still cheaper than most cellular plans although the caveat is that you’re limited by 5G availability. The VPN that comes along with the iNomad is free for the first year, although it isn’t compulsory unless you’re extremely particular about internet privacy or you live in a country that imposes geo-restrictions on certain websites (for example, I live in India where TikTok’s banned by the government.)

That being said, the iNomad is a breakthrough device. It offers internet portability, high-speed connectivity (across all your devices), and security, all of which are pretty impressive when combined together (along with the casual feature of also being able to work as a power-bank). The iNomad device begins shipping worldwide in December this year, and can be grabbed for a discounted early-bird price of $239 (with the plans costing extra). Each iNomad comes with a 3-year warranty on the device, with free exchanges for the first year and free repairs for the following years.

Click Here to Buy Now: $259 $399 (35% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!