Traffic Friendly Light

Ah, after ages we get to see a traffic light redesign and all thanks to the iF Design Talents! What we have here is the Smart Traffic Light. It uses LEDs and even hosts a camera for capturing street-view videos. They come handy in recoding traffic violations by motorists. The design is intuitive and the lights can be configured to show alternative signals.

Smart Light is a 2012 iF Design Talents entry.

Designer: Chang-Chi Shih


  • Adam Malone says:

    I’m not sure if the distinction between stop and go are clear enough? Maybe utilization of multi-colored super bright LEDs would fit this application nicely.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Bring this & test in LA CA area, San Diego, Palm Springs CA area.
    Huge market for this in So CA

  • sara says:

    this is not clear

  • William Li says:

    Although this looks nice in form, in my opinion it is not a good design in terms of human factors, which are extremely important for such critical use, although this can be remedied.
    The curved surface will reflect more of its surroundings than a flat surface. This is not good for its visibility.
    The whitish colour of the cap will light up as the LEDs light up – this will makes the ‘contents’ of the LED signal less legible. The white colour also attenuates the very necessary contrast between the light and its “background”. Contrast is especially needed in bright daylight conditions, and in practice contrast is often enhanced by placing the traffic light against a larger black board – this is standard in countries such as Holland.
    Sorry, but it seems this design is too much form over function. It does look nice though 🙂

  • Kvynn says:

    well, how do i contact the supplier? send mean email.

  • Saurabh says:

    Keep everything black color except the LEDs. Use X and not + to indicate “STOP”. For the countdown timer, remove the outer 3 circle lines. In its place, increase the size of digits and use double line of LEDs so that it is visible from a long distance.

  • Marc P. says:

    The reason why red light is always on top and green at the bottom is the blinds can see the traffic light.

    Please study before making something like this.

  • GM says:

    blinds can see the traffic light.


  • Eunoia says:

    The [red-green] color blind people.

  • MJ says:

    Other than the obvious problem of color blind people which could be avoided with different symbols. Having a countdown on a traffic light causes people to speed more to make the light which makes it more dangerous. Also a number of cities have found stop light cameras to be ineffective and have simply turned them off. Each led that burned out would need to be replaced individually to keep the designs readable.

  • Red Brick Studio says:

    If the number on the light is a timer, that’s just opening a can of worms. The traffic signals in China have countdown timers on them, and drivers use the timers as a competition to see who can take off from a red light with the most time remaining. Very dangerous for cross-traffic and pedestrians.

  • frances says:

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