This FPS gaming VR controller has realistic force feedback to feel actual gun recoil

Virtual reality experiences are gradually going to take over our digital adventures – Metaverse is the prime example – and gaming is the first stepping stone for this transition. The market dotted with VR gaming accessories such as Oculus Touch, HTC Vive, PlayStation Move or Samsung Gear VR already bring superior interaction with the in-game action.

But there’s always room for dedicated VR controller products for FPS games to come alive. The ViR controller designed for VR platforms is inspired by the PlayStation 5 controller, and it brings a refreshing take on what ergonomic gaming accessories of the future ought to be like. Not on PS5, but the controller will be compatible across a range of gaming and VR applications.

Designer: Tom Man Design

Typically crafted for first-person shooting action, the ergonomic controller concept brings forth a realistic sensory experience for the gamers in virtual reality. Just imagine feeling the gun recoil, as would in real life, while toppling enemies like dominos in a gory blood bath. The motivation of the concept is to break the traditional look of guns and pistols for existing controllers, and bring a more settled and elegant design. This is important because in the coming years how we experience virtual reality in games is going to be on an altogether different scale.

The ViR controller feels like an actual weapon in hands, but visually it is a toned-down version of a gun, to keep things practical for frequent use. It has very realistic feedback – combining dynamic trigger, front-facing stereo cameras, full thumb and finger tracking, and actuators. All these in combination simulate the real feel of the gamer’s on-screen action. According to the designer, the dynamic trigger
brings a very refined level of force and tension feedback, as you interact with the in-game equipment and environment, to get a more realistic experience.