Put A Spin On It

Spinner is a compact phone that measures only 4.7inches and is 7mm thin. Constructed out of aluminum and plastics, the main focus of the design is on the clean interface and camera module, which can be rotated. In a day and age where we have both front and back cameras, it might seem redundant to spinner, however let’s humor the design and factor in cost reduction, better resolution and output from it. What do you guys say?

Designer: Phone Designer [ Jonas Dähnert ]


  • Thomas says:

    Nice looking design, to bad the camera whill never make any sharp pictures as it will always have greasy fingerprints on them once you turn the camera around…

  • Forrest says:

    I like it! I want it!

  • Sarang Sheth says:

    I worked closely with a company that implemented a spinning camera in their Tablet PC. It’s usually not a good idea to have any moving parts in your smart devices, because they tend to grow weak over time. Securing the strength of the part compromises on the slimness of the model, and if you focus on slimness, you risk creating something weak and flimsy.
    However, I’m a sucker for good looking technology, and I think this phone oozes beauty!

  • Sarang Sheth says:

    That’s just problem one. What happens when the hinge grows weak and the camera swivels at the slightest push?
    Happens to laptop screens, doesn’t it? Starts getting flimsy.

  • Jorge says:

    Well rendered. But very conceptual.
    Looks like something HTC could make… Given the windows phone, and the One M8 like design.

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  • abdi says:

    It seemed an interesting phone

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