These corner protectors give your iPhone all-round protection while still enabling MagSafe charging

Rmour’s candy-inspired corner protectors give your iPhone an understated bling upgrade while protecting the most vulnerable areas of your gadget. The best part? They don’t interfere with your iPhone’s MagSafe or wireless charging abilities.

It’s a serious internal conflict when you buy a beautiful smartphone only to put a protective case on it because you want it to stay beautiful for longer. I personally am a pro-case kind of person, just because it breaks my heart to see a tiny ding on the corner or a scratch on my screen. I hate the case, but I observe it as a necessity, although there is a better alternative. Instead of shrouding your entire smartphone (the back and the edges) in a plastic/metal/leather/silicone case, how about just protecting the corners?

Designer: Creatio Design

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Drop your phone on the floor, chances are it never falls perfectly flat on the ground. It’s always the corner that takes the first point of impact, sending shock waves to the rest of the phone… so theoretically, protect your phone’s corners and you pretty much end up protecting the entire phone from most damage-causing scenarios. That’s what the Rmour Candy Corner Protector does, but in style.

Designed to be protective jewelry for your iPhone, the Rmour Candy Corner Protectors come made from 925 silver with a decorative enamel inlay to match your iPhone’s color. Made to fit comfortably on iPhone 12 and newer models, the Rmour Candy Corner Protectors attach to the 4 corners of your iPhone using a strong-yet-non-destructive adhesive tape that keeps them firmly in place. When attached, the corner protectors create a 1mm lip around your iPhone, safeguarding the edges, back, camera bump, and screen from damage if you drop your iPhone on any flat surface. However, this protection comes with a few noticeable benefits, starting with the fact that you can still show off your iPhone in all its glory, without having it wrapped up in an opaque case.

This minimal footprint’s benefits go a long way beyond just protecting your phone. With the iPhone, the Rmour Candy Corner Protectors also allow you to use your MagSafe accessories and wireless charger just as intended. Unlike most phone cases that can often inhibit/block wireless charging or prevent you from attaching the MagSafe wallet to the back of your phone, the Rmour Candy Corner Protectors offer no such disadvantage, given the fact that they occupy such a small amount of space.

Ultimately, the idea behind the Rmour Candy Corner Protectors was to create functional jewelry for your phone. The s925 silver and vitreous enamel construction offer a unique combination of impact resistance and shock absorption to protect your phone, while giving your iPhone just a hint of bling to make it stand out. For now, the corner protectors come in 7 solid colors and one Mondrian-inspired multi-color variant. You can grab a 4-piece kit of corner protectors for a discounted price of $55, and if you plan on upgrading your phone, don’t worry! In all likelihood, your Rmour Candy corner protectors should just as easily fit on future iPhones if their radius and thickness remain unchanged!

Click Here to Buy Now: $55 $120 (54% off). Hurry, only 7/10 left!