The Magic of a Sunrise in a Napkin Box!

When you open crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, you notice an absolute majority of watches, wallets, backpacks, and pens. Amidst these campaigns, you’ll notice a product like Mirro, a product so unusually beautiful you’ll love at first sight. Mirro takes a beautifully unique idea and owns it completely, giving you a product that delights with its user experience in a way that not many products do nowadays.

In essence, the Mirro is a tissue paper/napkin dispenser. It can accommodate any type of tissue box or even loose tissues. However it does more than what a tissue box does. Mirro’s entire smooth chrome surface is conductive, and when you touch it, a light on the inside shines on the exposed tissue paper, giving it a beautiful diffused glow, almost like a sunrise of sorts.

The magic behind the Mirro is its choice of light, and its reliance on the tissue paper to distribute light in a beautiful manner. The light on the inside has a warm aura, making your home feel really cozy. Mirro’s immaculate round design adds to that coziness, and its mirror finished surface makes it look otherworldly yet oddly comforting. The entire surface is conductive, so one touch engages the light on the inside. The light slowly activates, making it look like the sun is rising right in your own home. Another touch deactivates the light, making it slowly fade out, and therefore setting the sun. The beauty of the product is in how the tissue paper is arranged. A crumpled tissue will give you abstract edgy lines, while a soft tissue paper with neat folds will almost make it look like a Japanese Rising Sun.

Who knew a Tissue Box could make such a magnificent mood light!

Designer: Mordeco Design

BUY IT HERE: $82.00 $119.00