Woolly’s Custom Wallet Lets your Personal Style Statement Literally be Personal!


WoollyLab’s new wallet-building platform will ensure that your wallet is unique as you are! Bringing back the hand-crafted, heartfelt appeal to leather wallets, WoollyLab’s Half Wallet is powered by a web-based platform that lets you build your own wallet, by selecting colors, patterns, and personalizing it with your own name. Unlike the wallets you simply order online or buy off the shelf, the Half-Wallet is made to order, and has a part of you, the consumer, in it, since you get to design the wallet of your choice.

WoollyLab’s Half Wallet is simple and sophisticated. With a card-shaped footprint and two slots on either side, the Half-Wallet lets you choose and store the cards and bills that matter to you, letting your wallet remain slim, rather than bulk up and look ugly with bills, receipts, and cards galore. If you’re the kind who definitely can’t live without a bifold, WoolyLab offers a limited edition landscape or portrait passport wallet, in collaboration with Portland Gear too. The wallets are made of individual layers of leather, stitched together, and laser etched with patterns, logos, and customized names. The wallet-building happens via a web-app that lets users construct their wallet online, choosing every aspect of the wallet’s design, and have their designs shipped to them.

Making the customer a part of the wallet’s design process allows each Woolly wallet to be literally one of a kind. You get to choose leather colors for pretty much every part of the wallet, putting together a color scheme that’s unique to you. Finish it off with a unique thread color, laser etched pattern, and your own laser etched name, and your wallet is literally a piece of your own creating, mirroring your personal tastes and style. It also creates a much more meaningful connection between user and product, and since you pour a bit of yourself into the design process, you love the product a little more than something you just pick off the shelf. The wallets you build begin shipping in June, or as I like to call it, ‘right in time for Father’s Day’!

Designer: Woolly

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WoollyLab is a new experience that lets you be the designer of your own handcrafted wallet. Imagine NikeID but for US-made wallets.

Choose your leather colors, stitching, pattern and inscription. Watch your idea come to life right before your eyes until it’s perfectly yours.


This is the “Half Wallet”, their first wallet style that will be available in WoollyLab. 4 card slots and 1 middle pocket. Comfortably fits 2-3 cards per slot and folded cash in middle pocket. Made with Vegetable Tanned Leather from Wickett & Craig.




How They Make Their Products

Their production process blends high technology with old school craft techniques. They design their patterns digitally, laser cut the parts, carefully hand sew and edge-finish. It’s a process that makes their wallets distinctly precise, but with handcraft character. They use premium leather from Wickett & Craig, one of the last vegetable tanneries in the US. Our products soften, stretch and patina beautifully over time.


Their unique production method enables them to scale handmade. With the push of a button, they can cut wallet parts and engrave patterns and custom inscriptions all on one machine. The wallet parts have precut stitch holes that allow for faster and more precise hand sewing. They are now training a network of on-demand, independent hand sewers to assemble custom designed wallets, allowing us to manage 70% of our production process off-site.

The app will automate the process of receiving custom orders and delivering them to us in a format that fits seamlessly with our production process.

Click here to Buy Now: $50.00 $75.00 (33% off)