Origami for Superheroes

If wearing bullet proof tights and bending steel with your fingers is no big feat for you, you may be into this pencil sharpener that is literally ‘folded’ out of a single sheet of stainless steel. Designed by Donn Koh, this “Origami Sharpener” design captures the spirit of origami with folds that create volumes for ergonomic handling and also form the channel walls to guide pencils into place; the grinded edge forms the shaving blade.

Designer: Donn Koh


  • abektes says:

    it is design. I saw it before in productdesignforums. Good job

  • David says:

    Beautiful. A great design that artistically and functionally achieves it’s goal for replacing a ubiquitous desk item. I would love to see a whole line of desk accessories following this design principle. Any chance of this item becoming reality?

  • W. Brinkman says:

    Mjah, is this foldable on a machine?

  • Carlos says:

    Thats graet. I love this kind of design where designer really care about the beautiful of form and the manufacturing process.

  • bunnbu says:

    Kakkoii! = It’s very very ciil!
    I want this.

  • zippyflounder says:

    whom besides children and people in the arts still use pencil’s?

  • chetan sorab says:

    I could use that, quite impressive.

  • Noah says:

    it’s made of thick sheet, long and and cant be sharpened i also think that the excess part trimming is not cool and will cost more and will leave sharp edges
    but it is something revolutionary and cool and cheap that everyone ‘d like to have

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