Before you buy the Apple Vision Pro, check out this Dual-lens VR camera that shoots 6K Videos in 3D

Sort of like a GoPro on steroids, the CALF 3D VR180 is a tiny handheld camera with not one but two large lenses on the front. The purpose? To capture images and videos in stereoscopic vision, just the way our eyes see things around us. The dual fisheye lenses record an expansive, immersive, three-dimensional view of anything you point your camera at, allowing you to create content and record memories that feel incredibly real. After all, that’s what the metaverse promised us, isn’t it?

Exactly two months ago, Apple singlehandedly revived the future of the Metaverse. Sure, the company wants you to call it “Spatial Computing”, but if it hadn’t been for the Vision Pro, VR and AR would have been somewhat of an afterthought. However, the Vision Pro doesn’t exist in a void. Just like the iPod spawned a bunch of additional products, as did the iPhone, VR headsets require a healthy ecosystem too – and 3D cameras are a strong part of that ecosystem. Poised to be a perfect entry-level professional camera designed for capturing 3D and VR content, the CALF 3D VR180 camera is capable of recording 8K images and 6K videos through its 185° wide-angle lenses and Sony CMOS sensors. Built-in stereo microphones capture a binaural soundscape too, giving you 3D audio to match your 3D video. Much like using a DSLR or an action camera, it can either be used handheld or mounted on a tripod, and recorded content can either be viewed in 2D on the camera’s viewfinder, or in 3D using a VR headset of your choice.

Designer: CALF

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The CALF 3D VR180 is a professional-grade camera that’s designed to be as ubiquitous as the action-cam. Targeted at professional vloggers and content creators, but also early adopters looking to stand at the cutting edge of technology, the camera sees the world exactly the way your eyes see it, making it a compelling way to record reality. In a world that will eventually pivot to “spatial computing” and “spatial entertainment”, this format of recording is all but inevitable.

Armed with two 34mm custom fisheye lenses that capture a stunning 185° FoV, the CALF 3D VR180 camera lets you take 8K photos and record 6K videos at 50fps speeds (or 4K @60fps) thanks to the dual Sony CMOS sensors within the camera. The lenses sit exactly 65 millimeters apart, which is also the average distance between your left and right eye. This ensures that both left and right channels get recorded with just the right level of depth perception. Meanwhile, a 3.5-inch TFT LCD display on the back lets you see what you’re capturing as you click photos and record videos.

Images and videos get directly recorded to CALF’s built-in SD card slot that supports maximum storage of 512GB. A companion smartphone app also lets you preview and transfer media, or even directly upload it online to social networks. You can even live stream directly from the camera via your smartphone, although the only caveat is that content needs to be viewed using a VR headset (although you can even grab that dusty Google Cardboard from 2015 and view 3D VR media through your smartphone).

The CALF 3D VR180 camera also comes with not one but four tripod mounts (on the top, bottom, left, and right) that let you attach tripods, selfie sticks, or even stabilizing gimbals for professional-quality footage. This effectively means you’ll look a little more professional as you capture content, unlike with the Vision Pro which requires you to wear the headset while you record media, making you pretty much look pretty ridiculous (don’t quote me). A stereo microphone records in dual channels, although there’s a 3.5mm aux input for connecting an external mic to your camera to build your professional setup. The only thing really missing is a flash…

Although it sports a hefty $1499 price tag, the CALF 3D VR180 camera is one of the first few VR-ready cameras targeted at consumers and content-creators looking to begin recording in this new format. It’s also significantly cheaper than other 8K VR cameras that can cost 4-5x the price, making it ideal in a space that isn’t crowded (especially in that budget). The camera comes with a standard 1650mAh replaceable battery (sort of like the one on a DSLR) that gives you more than 1.5 hours of continuous recording time, and also sports a USB-C port for charging your device or plugging a power-bank in for longer recording sessions. Media can then be beamed to the Calf app (which is free for Android and iOS users) where you can upload and transfer content, or to the free Calf Cut app that lets you edit and post-produce your videos. Each CALF 3D VR180 camera ships with two lens caps, a storage bag, a 64Gb SanDisk SD Card, a battery, lens-cleaning cloth, and charging brick and cable, starting as early as September 2023. That’s well before the Apple Vision Pro hits the shelves, giving you enough time to master the art of VR imaging!

Click Here to Buy Now: $1499 Hurry! Only 7 days left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $1499 Hurry! Only 7 days left!