This soundbar-shaped device is actually an artificial intelligent personal trainer

Sure, your smartwatch can tell you what your heart rate is, but can it ‘spot’ you and coach you through workouts? Altis is a linear soundbar-esque device that rests under your television and acts as a virtual trainer that properly guides you through your workouts. A set of two cameras on each end of the Altis give it a stereoscopic view of you as you exercise, allowing it to gauge your speed, posture, and technique. Then, it coaches you in real-time, telling you when you’re doing something wrong, and rewarding/encouraging you when you exercise the right way!

Designer: Jeff Halevy

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Altis was debuted at CES 2022, championing the new Workout From Home approach to exercises. Designed as a virtual trainer powered by AI, Altis works just as well as a human trainer, optimizing your regime and correcting your technique as you progress. However, unlike a trainer, Altis is always ready when you are, occupies a small sliver of countertop space right underneath your TV, and gives you a gym-style workout experience right in your living room with the tools you have. Simultaneously, your TV screen lets you observe yourself the way Altis observes you, allowing you to follow exercises while also seeing yourself doing them and comparing yourself to the on-screen trainer.

Where the AI really kicks in is in its ability to optimize workouts based on your level of progress. Unlike the Peloton which presents a cookie-cutter approach to working out, Altis crafts a routine around your goals and abilities. Altis hyper-personalizes your workouts to get you your results faster. Moreover, if it sees you struggling with a certain set of exercises, it automatically switches them up to ensure gains without the risk of injury. This hyper-personalization starts in onboarding where you complete a physical assessment and enter your goals. From then on, Altis will be ready with a custom workout each day that modifies based on your performance to help you reach your goals.

On the design and engineering front, Altis is powered by Nvidia hardware optimized for AI applications. Its ability to track you relies on two strategically placed cameras that also come with their own physical privacy shutter that you can close when you’re not working out. Inside, Altis is powered by an Intel Core i5+ CPU and an Nvidia RTX 3050+ GPU. The device starts with 16 GB of RAM, and 512 GB built in storage. It interfaces with your TV or screen using an HDMI connection, syncing your progress over the internet.

Using Altis is about as easy as communicating with a human trainer. Dubbed the Movement OS, the device tracks your hand as an input controller, allowing you to raise your hand or point at objects on the screen. You first start by choosing the amount of time you want to devote to your exercise for the day, and Altis takes over the rest. It works with movement-based exercises as well as weight training, while observing posture, tracking your movement speed, calculating reps, and giving you time to cool down in between.

Altis offers some significant advantages over the traditional gym membership. It gives you undivided attention, focuses on your form, and optimizes your workout every single day. Simultaneously, it does this all in the comfort of your home at a schedule that suits your needs – something a human trainer won’t quite be able to devotedly do. Altis works with pretty much any TV you’ve got, and can be placed in any room as long as you’ve got space to work out in it. The hardware costs $1199, and patrons get a free one-year subscription to the Altis service, after which it costs $39 a month, which sounds like a steal considering you’re getting your own AI personal trainer!

Click Here to Buy Now: $999 $2499 (60% off). Exclusive deal for YD readers only. Hurry, less than 48 hours to go!