Unique bottle opener concept is inspired by Chinese architecture

Most people have a lot of tools and devices in their kitchen that is mainly functional and not that decorative. All you need anyway is a knife to slice your veggies, a can opener to open your cans, a coffee maker to make your elixirs, and a bottle opener for your favorite bottle of beer. But there are product designers who will tell you that it’s possible to have both form and function. Well, at least we get a lot of those as product concepts and some of them even become actual products.

Designer: YUUE Design Studio

The Viiu Bottle Opener is a product concept for a tool in your kitchen that will mean more than just something to open a bottle of cola, juice, or beer. Normally you will just get a handle and a head whose main job is to just open that bottle with a crown. This time around you don’t get a handle but rather some decorative objects that will give you a pretty unique way of getting those drinks ready for you. At first glance, they look like some pieces of baubles or knick-knacks lying around but they do serve a very important purpose.

The design is inspired by window grill patterns, specifically those from classic Chinese architecture. There are three shapes featured: one hexagonal, one rectangular, and one with a semi-circular design. All of them have these patterns that may remind you of windows in old houses if you live in such a place influenced by this kind of architecture. While there are no handles to grip while opening a bottle, the grill design can help you with the grip problem.

I’m not sure though if something like this can be useful when opening bottle caps but the product renders seem to indicate it can fulfill its function. Well if it doesn’t work, at least you’ll have something pretty-looking lying around, maybe not in your kitchen but in your shelf housing all of your cute but useless knick-knacks.