Get the party started with alphabet ice cubes that give drinks a personalized touch

G is for Gary, J is for Juice, and U will be the star of the show.

Unless you’re serving only hot coffee or tea at a party, chances are you will need to keep your drinks cold or at least chilled, even after the drink is poured into glasses. Ice cubes and tubes are common and, to be honest, as boring as a stale drink. If you want to make your gatherings a bit more exciting and have your guests really talking, why not insert a bit of a surprise where they least expect it. Ice cubes that come in forms other than, well, cubes immediately attract attention, but ones that come in the 26 letters of the English alphabet are sure to pique people’s curiosities, especially when each glass and each letter are personalized to a guest’s name. It also ensures that you will be remembered as the best host ever, making it easier to get others to join next time.

Designer: DrinksPlinks

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There are so many things we can take for granted in our daily lives, even at parties. There are also so many small things we can tweak and change that would result in massive improvements to an experience. Seeing a frozen letter floating in your drink, for example, is sure to make anyone pause and ask, maybe even chuckle or laugh. It’s the perfect conversation starter and ice breaker, pun totally intended.

DrinksPlinks’ Alphabet of Ice Cubes offers a dead-simple way to make drinks interesting while also keeping them chilled for maximum enjoyment. You can use whatever system you prefer, whether to customize each drink to match a guest’s name or the drink’s name. Perhaps you can even use those letters to spell out your own name, making sure no one forgets you or your parties. Need to get the adrenaline pumping a little bit? Why not devise a party game designed around the letters of the alphabet? Hopefully, you also came prepared for prizes, because there will probably be a lot of eager participants.

Personal-ice Your Drinks – The A-Z of ice cubes means everyone from Adam – Zoe can personal-ice their drinks.

Chills Not Dilutes – Every letter is 4cm thick and melts slowly, keeping its shape.

Each ice tray comes with four molds for a single letter, making sure that you won’t run out of alphabets for Viviene, Violet, Vince, and Victor. The ice cubes not only make each glass interesting but also keeps the drink inside chilled without diluting its flavors. There’s no bigger downer than a large glass of iced tea that tastes like cold, brown-colored water. And despite their sizes and shapes, these frozen letters still let you easily stir your goblet’s contents to ensure an even distribution of flavor.

Not Just for Ice – Get creative and use DrinksPlinks molds for baking, chocolates, candles, resin, soap, candy, plaster + more.

Get rid of the awkward pauses of silence by handing everyone a drink with their names written on it, almost literally. DrinksPlinks thinks outside the cube to bring curiosity and whimsy to a party or any gathering for that matter, reminding guests, friends, and family members that it’s a time to kick back even for a little bit and have fun, establishing social connections with the people around you. With the Alphabet of Ice Cubes, you can easily personal-ice your drinks and make your parties more personal, more fun, and, most importantly, more memorable, too.

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $35 (16% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!