Replicators – How Real Today?

You’ve all seen Star Trek – at least pieces of it, here or there. You might even know what I’m referring to when I say this project we’re about to discuss is a real-world iteration of the original matter replicator. Truly an innovation that would change the world, that’s what this is. It’s called “The Joy Concept” and it’s designed by Ali (Jeff) Jafari. Replicate a stack of plates, just like that, then just as fast turn them back into dust.

The genius of this project is in its ability to destroy dirty dishes. Yes! That’s what the main example explains. It uses a “rapidly developing future technology” called Claytronic which utilizes smart particles called “CATOMs.” These particles are able, with the Joy Concept, to create any dish or cutlery piece the user desires. Use that piece of food-related matter once, then return it to the Joy Concept panel. Once there, it returns the particles to the receptacle to be used again. And not only that, it turns the non-CATOMS to ash.

So don’t jam your hand in there!

No water or chemicals are used in this whole process. No detergents of pills, no consumables, almost no maintenance, and apparently lots of fun to watch in action. Just think of all the extra space you’ll have when your cupboards are empty of all dishes, glasses, and silverware!

Next I need something to make me cookies.

Designer: Ali (Jeff) Jafari

The Joy Concept by Ali (Jeff) Jafari