This series of blind cooking utensils allows a multi-sensory experience for the visually impaired

Haptics of Cooking

Cooking is not for the blind because the preparation of ingredients can be difficult. But in a world where everything must be inclusive, we must think of ways to include the visually impaired. The person behind the ‘Haptics of Cooking’ believes there are kitchen tools that can help. The term “haptic” describes to us the absence of sight can be replaced by the sense of touch and motion. With good design, anything is possible even when it comes to food preparation and cooking.

Designer: Boey Wang

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The Haptics of Cooking is a special series of cooking utensils designed for the blind. Boey Wang presented this design at the Design Intelligence Award last year. His entry received an Honorable Mention Award from the DIA 2021.

The Chinese designer is a narrator at heart with his ability to tell stories. Through his creation’s visual and functional design, he aims for people to experience the world. His five cooking tools offer such an experience: Cutting Board, Knife, Tall Measuring Cap, Low Measuring Cup, and a Pan Lid.

Sectional Cutting Board

The Cutting Board allows the visually impaired to slice food without getting cut. It is possible with the flat surface and the groove where the sliced food goes. There is a small gap underneath the Sectional Cutting Board where you can put the knife when not in use.

Haptics of Cooking

The Close Holding Knife eliminates the fear of getting cut because it is handier. A firm grip allows for more efficiency as you don’t have to repeat everything. Most blind people prefer a small knife as it gives them total control and balance.

Haptics of Cooking

The Tactile Measuring Cup comes in two sizes: Tall and Low. Both work the same way but differ in the amount of water they can carry. It is efficient as you can feel the amount of liquid poured through an opening. This hole idea also prevents spilling as you don’t have to fill the cup up to the brim.

Haptics of Cooking 2

The Warm Pan Lid prevents burning as the wooden material is safe to touch. It also comes with a grooved inner edge for an easy grab, while the lid carries the cooking ingredients. This way, you can put them on the pan when needed. So if you have similar smart product designs you want to share, feel free to submit an entry, and click here to enroll for the 2022 Design Intelligence Awards FOR FREE!. Your product design may be the next big thing in changing the way we live like this Haptics of Cooking set.

Close Holding Knife

Tactile Measuring Cup

Wooden Warm Pan Lid