Luminous Door Handle

Whether it’s in the isle of an airplane or on heavy machinery, safety lighting can mean the difference between disaster and security. With this concept in mind, the illuminating Zento door handle was designed as an added safety feature in the event of smoke from fire, electricity black-outs or other perilous scenarios. An independent wireless power system ensures the internal lamp is always ready for use. There’s unlimited potential for this concept to be applied to more than just doors at home!

Designers: Giangi Razeto and Massimo Pinto


  • Awesome idea..especially in the black-outs. It surely avoid certain accidents.

  • Rawwhale says:

    The photos look like UFO sightings… all dark, creepy and out of focus.

    Not a bad idea overall, but what is the “independent wireless power” source?

  • Jimmy C says:

    It’s probably induction charged.

  • Rawwhale says:


    So it sounds like you need an additional independent induction source which plugs into a normal outlet and beams power to the handle, thats going to cost so much, take up lots of space, waste tons of electricity and won’t even exist for 15 – 30 years (at that distance).

    You could sell this tomorrow for $20 if you just used batteries, what are you thinking?

  • meh says:

    – does not light surroundings,
    – requires batteries, and thus
    – requires recharging, all while being
    – not compatible with normal doors and , let alone special ones (“wireless electricity” practically works only for a couple of centimeters).

    In emergency situation, single small led is not going to do anything, if you can’t see the door itself.

    Again, a render study, not feasible design.

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