This massive Tesla Hotel-on-wheels concept paints a sci-fi picture of luxury life on Mars

Designed and envisioned by China-based artist ‘LOONGT’, the Tesla Mobile Resort Hotel is more than just a Roadster shot in space. It’s a mammoth-like structure on wheels that cruises along on Mars’ landscape, giving occupants a stunning view of the red planet.

Although purely sci-fi in nature, the Tesla Mobile Resort Hotel does paint a pretty vivid picture of the future. Imagine a building that’s capable of moving around, choosing the most scenic spot to park itself, with a transparent set of cabins on the inside that are always giving the occupants/residents the best views. To reach the hotel in the first place, you first need to make a journey to Mars, and then travel to the crater base where the Tesla Mobile Resort Hotel is parked. Once you’re in the hotel, there are quite a few activities to engage in, both inside and outside the massive vehicle.

Designer: LOONGT

The vehicle can be split into 3 separate zones – the entertainment area on the front, featuring a massive revolving restaurant on top, followed by gyms, casinos, and other entertainment areas right below. Underneath that lie pods marked 01, 02, 03, etc. These are rotating vehicles that let you go for on-ground tours on the Martian landscape. Once you’re back from your in-resort or outdoor adventures, retire to your rooms on the moving resort that makes its way to the top of Olympus Mons (the tallest mountain in our entire solar system) for a spectacular view of the sunset. You could also opt for a balloon ride, in a transparent floating pod that detaches from the resort and hovers in the sky above, giving you a spectacular view of the alien planet and what could possibly be the most glorious (and expensive) sunset available to our species!