A million dollar flexible living solution hides in this sustainable cabin

I can’t be the only one who thinks about where would I like to be quarantined next if the situation does arise again – like what kind of house, what view would I like to have and should I go solo or pick my quaran-team. Very valid questions given the times we live in and I am finding the answers to them in my favorite Pinterest pass time – tiny modular homes like Cabin One.

Cabin One is described as a passionately designed home for the future and its minimalist look certainly appeals to millennials who will now be able to buy homes given that the lockdown is making them spend less on avocados (you know what I am talking about). What I love about Cabin One is that it promotes flexible micro-living through its modular build. You can customize the 25 square meters of space as per your needs – it could be a beautiful cabin for one, holiday home for two or a quirky office space that stands in between an Airbnb and WeWork (given that the future is all about working remotely, did I just come up with the next million-dollar startup?). “We have reduced the complexity of the construction industry to three important elements: comfort, quality, and user experience. We do not think in square meters, we think in features,” says Simon, Cabin One’s designer.

It is lined entirely in wood with cozy interiors that will make staying at home feel like a retreat. The modern wooden abode is created from renewable raw materials, produced off-site, and delivered in full to its final destination for easy installation. The large windows allow a lot of natural ventilation and sunshine to grace the cabin and bring the feeling of spaciousness to the otherwise compact quarters. It just feels like a safe space and that is all you need to hang on to during complex times and may you find it within you instead of in a house. In the meantime, take an interactive virtual property tour –  soon all real estate might work like this!

Designer: Simon Becker of Cabin Spacey