A compact outdoorsy hatchback designed those who love their food and adventures

Off-road campers and RVs give adventure seekers a way to explore the grand outdoors without compromising on the cozy comforts of their homes. The options with current-generation campers are impressive if you have the money to spend.

The more stuff that’s in there in your home on wheels, the greater the size of the rig. For someone who wants to have all the essential appliances for a weekend trip to the nearby hills, a compact vehicle with a new-age set of devices is the way to go.

Designer: Taehyun Kim

This is Haven, a compact electric vehicle for the younger generation who like things to be minimalistic but without giving up on the luxury of cooking lip-smacking delicacies in middle of the quaint wilderness. The four-door hatchback is a fully autonomous concept proposed for users who don’t want the jargon of a camper or off-road vehicle; but rather a set of wheels that’s compact enough for the city, while being equally good on a short expedition.

The idea is to have a level 5 autonomy vehicle (god knows when we’ll reach there) with a customized set of appliances to match the lifestyle of adventurous Gen-Z. Taehyun has real-life situations at the back of his mind, thus, the design of doors and windows translates into the requisite form factor. When parked on the cliffside, the four-door hatchback’s falcon doors open up to double as a temporary awning. Those panoramic windows let the riders enjoy the openness. For sleeping, the foldable tent on the roof can be pitched in a jiffy, just like on any other off-road vehicle.

The appliances with UI interface stored in the rear section of the car include a refrigerator with a wine cellar, and an all-in-one cooker. Everything is gesture controller, right from opening up the storage cabin for these appliances to the easy operation for cooking delicacies in a picturesque backdrop. Perhaps the ideal vehicle for foodie adventurers.