nuka is a tree-free and unbreakable notebook you can use over and over again

It feels like paper and works like paper, so you won’t believe it’s not really paper.

Paper notebooks haven’t really gone out of fashion despite the prevalence of smartphones, tablets, and computers. In fact, one could even notice that they have become even more popular these days, especially with the popularity of paper-based productivity systems like the Bullet Journal. Paper is ubiquitous, doesn’t require learning to use, and is biodegradable, but it doesn’t mean it has no impact on the environment, especially when there’s too much of them wasted or even unused. There is clearly a need and the market for a more sustainable option, and this innovative twist on the paper notebook, one that you can reuse infinitely and is almost as eternal as the ideas and experiences you will write on it.

Designers: Nikolay Lozinskiy (3D animation & Product Design), O0 design (Branding, 3D animation & Product Design), Evgenija Medvedeva (Product Design), vennndii (Product Shootings)

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There have been a few attempts at a reusable notebook, but they have all had their critical flaws. One requires a microwave to literally nuke the notebook and can only be reused up to five times or so. Another requires a special kind of ink, putting users at the mercy of manufacturers’ whims and bottom lines. nuka resolves all those problems with a very simple design that belies the creativity, imagination, and technology that make this notebook a true marvel.

There are three parts to what makes the nuka notebook tick, and the most important is arguably the notebook itself. Using a special material made of polypropylene, the notebook removes the need to cut down trees to fill up the pages. Thanks to its matte finish and smooth surface, the pages feel just like high-quality paper. Unlike paper, though, it is virtually indestructible. It is tear-resistant and waterproof, which means you can use it in almost any situation where you need to write something down, including in the rain. Those dreams of being able to jot ideas inside the shower can now become a reality.

Completely Rewritable




Of course, a blank sheet of paper, no matter how beautiful, remains blank until you write something on it. With nuka, you don’t have to use any special ink to leave a mark, and you can even use other kinds of ordinary pens and pencils (with some exceptions). The magic, however, really happens with the Eternal Pencil, a fitting name for a writing tool that doesn’t run out of ink and doesn’t need to be sharpened. Almost like an all-metal version of the Apple Pencil, the Eternal Pencil is a solid and ergonomic rod with a unique metal alloy tip that oxidizes the surface of the Eternal Notebook, creating marks that look like they were made by a regular pencil. You can even press harder to create darker marks, just like a regular pencil.

Last but not least, the Magic Eraser is true to its name and wipes off all traces on the page like magic. It can even erase marks made by other pencils and pens, with gel pens and permanent markers being the lone exceptions. Of course, you’ll want to save your pages first before wiping them down, and the nuka mobile app is the perfect way to capture and store your scribbles and sketches for reference and posterity. The app automatically straightens and cleans up the image to put your content front and center. It can even recognize tasks and schedules on specially-marked pages and add them to the app’s built-in to-do list and calendar app.

Reusable, sustainable, and eternal, the nuka notebook promises stationery that might even outlive you. Best of all, the $59 price tag on an Eternal Notebook, Eternal Pencil, and a bottle of Magic Eraser bundle quickly pays for itself with all the savings from new notebooks, refills, and pencils. Better be quick on those fingers, though, as this $30 discount for Yanko Design readers won’t last long, definitely not as long as the nuka notebook.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $89 ($30 off for YD readers). Hurry, sale ends June 25th!