This Inkless Pen and Plant-free paper are designed to let you write forever

That title really bamboozled you, didn’t it? Well, it’s exactly the proposition stationery brand nuka is making with its ‘eternal stationery’ line. Designed to practically last an eternity, nuka’s notebook uses a proprietary tree-less paper that’s waterproof, coffee-proof, and tear-resistant. It’s durable enough that your dog won’t be able to eat your homework, and works perfectly well with pens and markers, or with nuka’s eternal pencil – a pencil that never needs sharpening, and will never run out of writing power. Made from a special metal that oxidizes the paper when you make contact, the nuka pencil’s tip literally writes forever. Combine this with nuka’s special eraser fluid (which instantly wipes out pencil and pen marks) as well as the app which can recognize your handwriting and convert it into digital text, and you’ve got what the company rightfully calls the last stationery you’ll ever need!

Designers: Nikolay Lozinskiy (3D animation & Product Design), O0 design (Branding, 3D animation & Product Design), Evgenija Medvedeva (Product Design), vennndii (Product Shootings)

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $89 ($30 off for YD readers). Hurry, sale ends in 48 hours!

While most papers use cotton, fibers, or wood pulp that’s been flattened and laminated into thin sheets, the nuka notebook’s paper takes a different route. It uses a special material made from polypropylene (a plastic known for immense flexibility) and comes with a matte finish that feels exactly like conventional paper, but with a few extra benefits. This 100% tree-free paper is inherently waterproof and stainproof, doesn’t scratch or tear, and comes with a minimalist silicone cover that ties in well with the waterproof, long-lasting design brief.

Completely Rewritable




The nuka pencil, on the other hand, is made entirely from metal, with a special metallic tip that oxidizes wonderfully on the paper’s surface. Working in a way that literally feels like magic, the metal pencil glides over the paper, leaving behind a graphite-like trail. The metal tip never goes blunt and doesn’t run out, making the pencil last for as long as your notebook does. The only way to erase the pencil is to use nuka’s eraser fluid, which cleanly erases the pencil markings but also works with pen notes and marker sketches (in fact, the only think the eraser fluid doesn’t wipe out is permanent markers or gel pens). Each bottle of magic eraser fluid can erase an entire nuka notebook 5 full times.

nuka’s kit simplifies the entire approach (while keeping its visual design clean and minimal too) ensuring that you focus on creating and ideating instead of worrying about running out of paper or ink! And when you want to document or store your ideas for later, nuka has a nifty smartphone app that scans and captures your notes for later, even recognizing your handwriting and converting it into text that you can then edit and update! The app is free for early customers, while nuka’s notebook, pencil, and eraser fluid are available as a bundle for YD readers for a discounted price of $59! Did I mention it lasts forever??

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $89 ($30 off for YD readers). Hurry, sale ends in 48 hours!