reNEW Your Charge

I love designs that are misleading. Kinds that look like one thing but actually function as something else. Take the case of this reNEW Solar Battery Charger. It looks like this neat decorative frame that hangs on your window (via the suction cup) or sits pretty on a table. In reality it’s a solar charger for your re-chargeable batteries. Slide the batteries down the back of the frame, into the protective charging pouch, and when it’s all juiced up, pluck it out from the bottom.

Kinda like the rolling toaster grill; when the toast’s done it glides to the end of the rack; only this charger concept is the vertical, sophisticated version.

Designers: Tracy Subisak, Donn Koh & Herlinda

reNEW Solar Battery Charger by Tracy Subisak, Donn Koh & Herlinda









  • poulatrix says:

    That would be really really great!

  • Lamah says:

    Wow, this is the first solar-powered product I’ve seen in a very long time on Yanko that could actually work.

  • tudza says:

    I don’t care too much about the solar power component, although it allows you to post this without trailing wires and such.

    What I really like is the top load, bottom dispense part of the design.

  • benjamin says:

    I’m interested by buying it. Where is the link to purchase?

  • Andy C says:

    I really like the idea; my only concern would be the suction cup. Depending on the weight of the unit the cup would have to be pretty strong. I have a Solio charger which constantly falls from my window as the unit is too heavy for the suction cup attachment.

  • New Jersey! says:

    Dude, this product is wicked sweet

  • SolarGizmo says:

    This is an excellent idea. I agree with tudza, but it needs some kind of indication that the batteries being removed are fully charged. With the ‘continuous-rail’ charging method, how does the unit prevent over charging the batteries at the bottom?

  • Jimmy C says:

    Very smart! Though I agree with SolarGizmo about the overcharging thing.

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