Volvo’s edgy electric coupe for urban lifestyle and luxurious commute

Volvo is looking strong for its vision of the electrified future with five more models slated to join the XC40 all-wheel-drive version. As per Ian Flecher, HIS Markit auto analyst, Volvo is on course to go all-electric by the end of 2030. In tune with this vision, a refreshing Volvo EV sedan beckons on the horizon for zero-emission travel.

Created as a weekend project by the designer, this sustainable vehicle design is surprisingly rooted in a telephone doodle inspiration. Of course, the classic Volvo cars from the eighties are the inspirational force for the elongated design. The low ride height suggests its highway driving limits, since it could not possibly be made for off-roading adventures.

Designer: Till Schmitz

The typical electric car aesthetics are apparent in the form of a sharp, edgy design language. The hood of the car has a geometric pattern that gives it a sci-fi appeal and the rear has a typically squarish persona to it. Right from the headlights, side profile to the taillights and the roof carrier all have a definitive geometry to them. The designer has kept the widebody stance of this Volvo very upfront, suggesting its dominating road presence.

Those aerodynamic sidepods and the intimidating presence of the Volvo EV hint at its powerful drivetrain to match the looks. While it’s not clear whether the ride is a four-seater or a bolder two-seater coupe, either way, it seems laden in comfort, luxury and user-centric technology on the inside. The side cut-out for the single doors on either side suggests I take a bet on a two-seater configuration.

Overall Volvo’s blueprint has a balanced feel to it, and all likely to attract automotive design pros in-house as well as from other renowned vehicle manufacturers. Oh yes, not to forget the budding automotive designers who’ll be eying this cool design for their own concept inspirations.