Lamp Shades for Every Season

Though their climates may differ, most areas of the world experience some form of seasonal change. The Peaked Hat Lighting Shade is inspired by the way our clothing/fashion changes between these seasons and offers a similar idea for interior spaces. Ranging from flowery prints for spring to warm felt material for winter, the light shades use a simple zipper and are easily interchangeable depending on the time of year!

Designer: Moili


  • Linda says:

    Nice pic i like

  • vinay jain says:

    Great Shades Moili, I really liked this stuff.
    It can be of great potential to women in India. I would like to Invite you to come join our mission at Working for promotion of artisans and art forms , empowering many women artisans in India
    hope your contribution can help them to bring a great change to their life.

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  • Rohan Singh says:

    Well, this is an amazing lamp. People change fashions in different seasons and this kind of lamp will allow them to get different light shades according to their fashion. You really have a creative mind. Thanks for sharing this. You can also find some wonderful creative objects at

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