Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 removes the stress of keeping your closet tidy

This deceptively simple yet outrageously innovative hanger leaves no more excuses for keeping your room and closet organized.

There seems to be an almost natural compulsion to turn our clothes into UFOs the moment we step out of them, flinging them onto the bed or just cramming them into drawers and closets. Pants are often the victims of this procrastinating behavior because of the complicated way they demand to be hanged properly. Of course, that only delays the inevitable when we have to eventually sort out the mess that has become our rooms. Thankfully, some people have put serious thought, research, and work into solving that problem for the good of humankind. And like many genius inventions, the solution looks so simple that you are left scratching your head, wondering why no one has done it before. Fortunately, someone finally did and has even improved this hanger so that you will no longer lose your pants to the black hole that is your wardrobe.

Designers: Swen Hong & Henry Kwak

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We got the chance to meet the first Hurdle Hanger in 2019 and were definitely impressed. One of the recommended ways to defeat procrastination is to reduce the friction or hurdles in completing a task. Despite its ironic name, it takes literally a second or two to hang your pants, just the same amount of time you need to fling it to who knows where. The time savings also add up when you consider you’ll be picking up those same pants in the future anyway.

Version 2.0 of this ingenious organizing wonder refines the design while still keeping the signature features that made its predecessor a huge success. For example, it now uses a stainless steel swivel hook, so you don’t have to stress whether you’re hanging your clothes in the right direction. The design is also more streamlined to accommodate more than just your pants. Contrary to its name, the hanger can hold a whole outfit, from tops to bottoms to belts and caps.

The latter is made possible thanks to the signature U-type hook that’s now wider to accommodate more accessories. The Hurdle Hanger 2.0 is still made from high-quality recyclable ABS plastic, so you’re assured that it’s going to last longer than some of your clothes. High-hanging and impossibly thin, the hangers leave more room for your clothes rather than taking up precious space. Plus, the hanger’s open design makes it super easy to hang just about anything you can think of other than your pants.

Whether you need to hang your clothes in a snap or prepare your outfit for the entire week, the Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 removes any and all hurdles to keeping your closet from becoming an unconquerable jungle of fabric. But more than just keeping your living space neat and tidy, it also helps reduce the stress of daily life. After all, the last thing you probably want to do on the weekend is to organize your room, so why not save yourself the time and work by spending just a second or two hanging those pants after you’ve taken them off.

Click Here to Buy Now: 20 packs for $39 $49 (20% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Rasied over $100,000.