Cowboy Side Table doubles as a bookmark

Cowboy Side Table Designer Deniz Aktay

It seems we can never escape Deniz Aktay and his designs. This German furniture designer has become prolific when it comes to creating concept furniture pieces, especially tables. Every table he designs gives us something to think about.

The latest creation is the Cowboy Sidetable Bookmark. It’s a side table and a bookmark in one that lets you keep things organized. If you’re a bookworm, you will want to have one and have your latest book to rest on such a table.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

Cowboy Side Table

The side table allows things to be at an easy reach. Usually situated beside a sofa or your favorite armchair, you can place your drink on the table for when you want a nightcap. Leave your smartphone on the tabletop, so you don’t miss any important call or message. And when you need to take a break from reading a book, just put the last page face down on the book rest.

Cowboy Sidetable

The Cowboy Sidetable is called such because the tip that protrudes appears like a saddle, especially when there is a book on top. The tabletop has an opening in the middle where cables can go through so the surface won’t look too cluttered. The wooden part that looks like an A supports the metal tabletop. The wooden portion is actually two separate pieces joined near the tip.

We see the surface with brushed metal finish enclosing the two wooden tips. The black and wood combination offers a casual look and feel, perfect for those into minimalist aesthetics. Deniz Aktay’s passion for designing furniture makes his creations ideal for those looking for simplicity and originality. His works often combine proper elements and detailing, making every piece challenging to create yet resulting in an exciting product.

Cowboy Side Table

Deniz Aktay has become a recent favorite here with all his unique designs. The Tie Stool is an oddly satisfying stool design that uses three interlocking strips of wood. The Unstable Table makes use of the center-of-gravity trick. That Wavelet Table’s curled side works as a handle similar to the Grab Side Table that lives up to the grab-and-go expectation.

That Tadashi Table comes with a stomach that may be perfect for storage or for your cat. The Plot Twist Bookshelf still carries the intrigue of your favorite mystery books. The bookshelf can complement the newly designed Cowboy Sidetable as it can serve as a bookmark for that title you’re currently reading. Definitely, the designer won’t stop with this creation so expect more will be introduced.

Cowboy Side Table Concept Design

Cowboy Side Table Design Details