Oddly satisfying stool design uses just three interlocking strips of wood

The Tie Stool’s beauty lies in its sheer simplicity – of not just design but also materials. The stool comprises three bent plywood strips that conveniently lock into each other, creating a tripod form that you can easily sit on. The design could easily expand to accommodate more strips to create a 4-legged (or even 5-legged) stool, but the dynamic nature of having a tripod format really gives the Tie Stool its appeal. I don’t know about you, but I can’t unsee the Google Drive logo in the stool’s design!

Designer: Deniz Aktay

Fabricating the Tie Stool would require a few simple steps. The three plywood strips can, in fact, be split into 6 total parts (you can see the parting lines). The individual parts are formed using high pressure and temperatures that cause the plywood to bend and retain its shape, and cutting/finishing processes are performed on the parts to make them interlock into one another. The entire stool can potentially be flat-packed and shipped to customers, who would simply have to plug the pieces together to get a stool that’s as beautiful as it’s simple… and hey, it’s stackable too!