This coworking desk uses an old-fashioned crank to morph into a ping pong table!

A desk turned into a ping pong table that serves as a coworking setup, bringing a whole new meaning to the work-play environment, enhancing productivity and healthy work culture.

I always love the multifunctional features of a furniture piece. When two ends of life, work, and play meet – it creates a balanced work setup. For example, it’s been many years since I wanted a ping pong table, but the dedicated space required had me hesitating. The OnPlayOff – Coworking Table materializes this balance and turns it into reality. The OnPlayOff is a conference table that lets you brainstorm/ work during the day and becomes your playground for some post office hours fun.

Meet the feature that allows it all – a height-adjustable net that rotates into the table using a crank on one side. The table showcases a very Japandi-inspired, aesthetically pleasing wooden table for the work ambiance. Around four people can work on the table with their laptops without any issues at any given time.

When you need privacy, the net can go beyond its official size and create separation like a divider. So we are talking about three modes here – “On” mode for brainstorming coworking space with no distractions, “Off” mode for a private working ambiance, and “Play” mode for playing uninterrupted games of ping pong.

The idea is an evolution, going beyond our usual means of dumping things off our desk to double as a play table. Although there are more multifunctional conference tables, this one stands out with its wooden frame designed to go with any home interiors or professionals workspaces. The best part of all is a small drawer that holds your paddle and the balls, so no searching all over the office space!

Designers: Victor Sarria, Miguel Payà, Herraiz Soto.