This ultra-portable power station can charge your laptop and your car, and it comes with solar panels

If your smartphone isn’t the only tech gadget you use every day, why are power banks designed to charge just your phone? Technology has evolved, needs have grown, and it’s time the power bank grew too. First announced at CES 2022, this is the EB3A from BLUETTI, a portable power station that can literally charge your car if you wanted. The best part? It weighs 10 pounds and can recharge via solar power, giving you the ability to reclaim your energy independence (and possibly cut your electricity bills too).

Designer: BLUETTI

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Designed to be no larger than your average beer cooler, the EB3A is a portable powerhouse that gives you off-the-grid energy whenever you need. Armed on the inside with a battery capable of 268Wh and a 600W pure sine-wave inverter to securely charge your gadgets, the EB3A allows you to power more common objects like your phone and AirPods, but also fast-charge much larger devices like your laptop, lawnmower, electric grill, heck, even your car. It’s the perfect equipment to carry on outdoor camping trips, but is equally practical to have at home during power cuts, emergencies, or unforeseen disasters.

The BLUETTI EB3A lets you charge your device in three modes. A standard mode gives you an output of 268W, while a silent mode caps your output to 100W (charging your devices slower, but keeping the operation quiet by limiting fan speed). However, if time isn’t on your side and you don’t mind a little noise, the EB3A also comes equipped with a turbo mode that lets you supercharge your devices at a staggering 430W.

As compact as the EB3A is designed to be, it still houses every conceivable port and outlet you’ll need. The EB3A comes with two AC sockets, a DC outlet, two 12V/10A ports, two USB-A ports, and one 100W USB-C port capable of fast charging your phone, tablet, laptop, drone, or gaming console. For good measure, the EB3A also has a built-in lamp that you can use outdoors or during power cuts.

Charging your EB3A is pretty easy too. An AC charging input lets you juice up your EB3A in just under 70-80 minutes, although if you want to truly stay sustainable and off the grid, your EB3A comes with optional 200W solar panels too, letting you juice its battery up in two and a half hours. The EB3A also comes with a built-in LCD display that lets you see your battery levels as well as measure your input and output levels. On the inside, the EB3A is outfitted with a long-lasting LiFePO4 battery cell (capable of 2500+ charging cycles) and even has built-in safeguards against overloading, short-circuiting, or overheating, extending the battery’s lifespan. Aside from the LCD display, the BLUETTI EB3A also comes bundled with a companion app that lets you monitor and control your portable power station remotely.

The BLUETTI EB3A was designed to be a portable electric solution. It measures roughly 10 inches across, and 8 inches in height and depth, while weighing 10 lbs or 4.5 kilograms. A fold-out handle makes it easy to carry your EB3A around wherever you go, and the EB3A fits well in the boot or bed of your car, truck, or RV, letting you carry it out to camping trips out in the wilderness. The BLUETTI EB3A begins shipping in mid-June, and each portable power station comes with a 2-year warranty.

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