The Future Of Escaping

Keeping your wits during an emergency evacuation of a building is easier said than done. If it’s a hotel or an unfamiliar mall, following the leads can be difficult and even confusing at times. The LED Escape Light is a portable LED electric torch meant to tackle this issue of unfamiliarity. It comes with a built-in projector that projects a map to guide you out accurately. I like the handy stand that it is housed in, with an easy grab-and-run vibe.

The LED Escape Light won a Liteon Award as well.

Designers: Li-Yu Chiao, Cheng-Cheng Chun, Ming-DaYang, Kung-Yi Kuang, Huai-Yi Hsieh, Ching-Chang Chuang, Yu-Hung Chien, Shaio-Chung Cha & Yu-Hung Chien