Movinkler, Say What?

Yes, Movinkler! A self-adjusting fire sprinkler system that is simpler, smarter, and safer than most existing models. The design features a heat-detection camera and capacity for movement. Addressing existing issues like not operating until they reach a certain temperature, not functioning properly on dead spots and not controlling the water usage, the Movinkler offers solutions that seem acceptable.

  • Movinkler is fitted with a heat-detecting camera.
  • When the camera detects heat due to a fire, Movinkler starts rotating and its headpiece aims at the fire by moving up and down.
  • It ejects water immediately to put out the fire.
  • Once the fire is extinguished, it stops operating.
  • The sprinkler system extinguishes fire in what would otherwise be dead spots; enables early fire suppression by operating promptly upon detection of a fire; and guarantees far less wastage of water as well as less severe secondary water damage.

Movinkler is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designer: Jin seon Lee