Plastplan uses recycled plastic materials, transforms them into useful everyday objects

The Plastplan is a design studio that focuses on using recycled materials that are mainly plastic. The company has developed machines that can be used for recycling.

The design studio based in Iceland aims to help make a sustainable planet by resolving society’s excessive use of plastic. It may not achieve the ultimate solution but every little effort matters when it comes to the planet’s future. With the idea that recycled plastic has potential, Plasplan combines the concepts of product designers Björn Steinar and Brynjólfur. With the latter’s background in mechanical engineering and computer science, the pair can work on a collection of household goods and furniture items made solely made from recycled plastic.

Designer: Plastplan

Plastplan Process

The Plastplan team has kept building and designing machines and processes to recycle plastic with the primary goal of using them and creating new objects. In Iceland, recycled plastic has been a problem; that’s why companies are looking for ways to reduce waste and make actual and useful products.

Initially, Plastplan was formed as the founders wanted to start an educational platform where plastic is discussed. It’s not just about the proper use or disposal of plastic. It’s about making it go full circle, as per Björn Steinar. The circular economy of plastics starts with shredded plastic and then transforms into real objects.

Plastplan Overview

Plastplan Mirror and Lamp

Plastplan’s system includes machines based on Precious Plastic designs comprising. This includes injection and extrusion machines, shredders, and a sheet press. The studio also has developed its own industrial 3D printer that allows them to print large-scale items without spending on molds.

The Plastplan team continues to work hard by serving nine other companies. Their plastic trash is picked up, recycled, and then turned into regular, valuable products like a stool, chair, pot, vase, lamp, etc. However, plastic recycling is not really easy and enjoyable for most people. First, there is the sorting of the plastic into seven categories.

Plastplan Flower Pots

Plastplan has worked with Icelandair on this project. The end product is a luggage tag made out of plastic. We can expect more related objects or designs will be introduced like the “Everyday” collection. The series includes a wall shelf, chair, stool, mirror, coffee table, table lamp, and flower vases.

Plastplan Vases

Plastplan Design Process

We have seen similar sustainable efforts especially involving plastic. We remember that OO STOOL X PLASTICIET and the Cyanofabbrica Sunglasses. The Base Plastic Project is ideal for public places. We also can’t forget those topographic 3D objects that make use of ocean plastic waste.

Plastplan Chair

Plastplan Shelf Details

Plastplan Stools

Plastplan Wall Shelf