This concentric school library in Thailand was constructed using bamboo and adobe bricks

The Panyaden International School in Chiang Mai, Thailand had a beautiful bamboo sports hall added to its structure back in 2017. The Chiangmai Life Architects were responsible for this sustainable and thoughtful addition, and they’re back at it again! This time, they’ve designed an impressive new library for the school. The Panyaden Secondary School Library features a low-lying and organic design that is marked by concentric circles.

Designer: Chiangmai Life Architects

The complex and intriguing concentric design of the library is further accentuated by the fact that it is constructed from bamboo. Although, unlike the sports hall, bamboo isn’t the primary material used for construction – the walls are built from adobe bricks (made from sand and clay). The bamboo, on the other hand, was used to construct the two-tiered roof. The roof has been topped with thatching and features an oculus skylight. Beautiful bamboo archways provide support to the impressive roof.

“The Secondary School Library at Panyaden International School was designed to create an inspiring, peaceful and comfortable atmosphere for teenage students to read and study,” said Chiangmai Life Architects.

The place is marked by an interesting combination of traditional study spaces with desks and chairs, as well as more relaxed spaces that can be used as lounges and are scattered with bean bags and pillows. The combination of both kinds of spaces creates an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, and comforting to the students. They can easily take a short break from their studies, as and when required, without actually having to leave the library for some reprieve. The sunken pod in the center of the library has been equipped with raised amphitheater seating, as well as a view of the skylight. The pod can be utilized for group discussions and readings. The pod is surrounded by built-in working tables, and then a bamboo archway that holds the main bookshelf section.

Besides the sunken pod and the study area, the library also houses a pair of noise-insulated study rooms that are perfect for group sessions, as well as a small office for the librarian. The library has also been equipped with a state-of-the-art central cooling system and a filtered air mechanism, which ensures the space always maintains a comfortable temperature and is well-ventilated.