Set Piece Chair Destined For Deserving Fame

The very engaging and ingenious Swede Peter Andersson has built up a worldwide reputation for creating pieces with a humorous twist. “A smile is the best feedback I can get for my work”, he says. An aspiration that no one could argue with. But this piece deserves more profound appreciation still. On first inspection, it appears like a perfectly functional easy chair – impeccably handcrafted in Tarsjo leather. But look a little further and its true excitement and originally is revealed. On the one hand, “Set Piece” is minimalism taken to an ironic extreme; on the other, it is a study in construction, a revelation of what lies behind the polished exterior – reminiscent of a glimpse in the wings of a theatre or a movie set. Which is more beautiful? The finished ‘superficial’ performance or the ‘honest’ craft and engineering that permits the illusion. Peter’s immaculate finishing of the chair’s inner workings in waxed pine and ebony appears to answer his own question. A piece destined for deserving fame.

Designer: Peter Andersson