OO STOOL x PLASTICIET is one colorful and sustainably-designed flat pack furniture piece

OO STOOL x PLASTICIET Limited Edition Designer

The OO Stool entered our consciousness a couple of years ago before the pandemic hit. It made an impression that it was flat-packed better than any Ikea stool and didn’t need any screws.

The studio behind the OO Stool has teamed up with another group to develop a new version. Meet the OO Stool X Plasticiet. The limited-edition series is a fresh take on the flat-pack stool. It’s a more sustainable version as it is made of plastic waste.

Designer: 56 Hours

OO STOOL x PLASTICIET Limited Edition Series

The Reduce, Reuse, Recycle campaign is going places. 56 Hours Studio came up with the product using material from a chocolate factory. Specifically, polycarbonate molds used for the chocolates in the factory have been used. The molds were gathered, shredded, melted, and then compressed into solid sheets. The company Plasticiet produced the material post-industrial plastic waste.

The OO Stool X Plasticiet can be flat for packaging and transportation. It can also be considered by Ikea like the original OO stool. The latter was also considered environment-friendly as it was made using CNC from different kinds of materials like wood, bamboo, plastic, single board, and reclaimed doors.

OO STOOL x PLASTICIET Limited Edition Where to Buy

The OO Stool X Plasticiet is the same as the original version except for the material. The collab with Plasticiet resulted in this furniture item that helps reduce waste. This project aimed to make a new edition of the OO stool, which was made possible with Plasticiet.

Like the original version, this one doesn’t need any tool to assemble—only the hammer that is cut from the same sheet. You don’t even need to use nails or screws here. It’s also a flat-pack design for easy transport and storage.

OO STOOL x PLASTICIET Limited Edition Where to Buy

OO STOOL x PLASTICIET Limited Edition Features

The material is almost new and shows us that plastic and other materials can be reused. But, of course, they need to pass a different process. The flatpack stool comes with a beautiful, colorful pattern. The 56 Hours Design Studio made this edition as they reimagined ways to use and reuse plastic material. There is potential in used plastic, and the flatpack stool isn’t the only one. Expect more furniture pieces and items will be made with plastic material.

OO STOOL x PLASTICIET Limited Edition Design

Stools serve different purposes and they can be used in different places at home and outdoors. We have seen other interesting designs like the Mini Stools by Napp Studio and that laser-cut steel stool that looks a lot like a parked spaceship from a sci-fi movie. The Front Stool’s intuitive design allowed it for more functions. This OO Stool is somewhat similar to That Stool for its flat-pack design.