This stunning beach cabin has a partial transparent design to offer the most beautiful panoramic view

Part cabin part conservatory, the Beach Cabin on the Baltic Sea by Peter Kuczia offers the most stunning panoramic views of the beach. This small gastronomy facility located in north Poland near Gdansk boasts of a simple form that fits naturally into the beach environment but stands out thanks to its bold design. The cabin comes in two parts – an enclosed space on the side, and a vast, open living/dining area that provides shelter along with an abundance of natural light. This dining area is further split into two, with one half made in the traditional style of a cabin, while the other half is constructed entirely out of glass. This glass facade gives onlookers an absolutely sublime view of the ocean, the shoreline, and even the sky above!

Designer: Peter Kuczia

The building stands on stilts so as not to touch the terrain directly… which means it literally floats above the sand. Tell me that isn’t the most dreamy piece of architecture you’ve ever seen!

The Beach Cabin is a Gold Winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2022.