Picturesque bamboo glamping villa looks like a large graceful bird in flight

“Birdie” by Thilina Liyanage assumes the shape of a massive bird with wings outstretched. The Sri Lanka-based artist has really harnessed the ability to use bamboo and wood to bring his larger-than-life nature-inspired creations to fruition. Birdie definitely seems like one of his magnum opuses.

Birdie finds itself in the middle of a forest, nestled among trees just like a real bird. This one, on the other hand, is made from wood, and can house as many as a family of 3 rather comfortably. The glamping villa sits on a pair of stilts, giving the occupants a stellar elevated view of the forest around it. The villa comes with two levels, the one on top being the bedroom (with an attached balcony), while the one below housing a living space and toilet along with a cantilever hammock to laze around on.

Designer: Thilina Liyanage

Relying on bamboo, wood, and tiles to fashion its unique exterior, the Birdie villa looks like a swan just about to go airborne. It helps that the entire house is on stilts, playing in with the illusion of the bird being in the air rather than on land. The bird’s chest and its wingspan almost become the entire villa’s interior space, offering enough room for a couple or family of three. The bird’s tail doubles as a balcony with ample space for recreation, and the bedroom is pretty spacious, making for a comfortable extended weekend surrounded by nature. For kids looking for a little entertainment in the woods, the Birdie even comes with a cantilever hammock off the first floor. The hammock is big enough for 3 people, making for a great lounging place on lazy days.