A Modern Expansion to a Museum

The new expansion to the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, California is almost complete. Architect Daniel Libeskind’s design is based on two symbolic Hebrew words of the “chet” and the “yud”. Made from Blue steel, the extension to the Museum should be completed in June of 2008. The structure will allow space for visual, media and performing arts, as well as 3500 sq. ft of space for educational purposes.

Architect: Daniel Libeskind [ Via: Dezeen ]


  • Ernie says:

    This is the second museum I’ve seen having adding a modern addition, and I love it! If you go to Royal Ontario Museum in Canada you’ll see spikes engulfing an old building too.

  • paul says:

    Yes, Daniel Libeskind’s designed the ROM in toronto and this as well… not a fan. I would like to have seen something different.

  • Raphael Crespo says:

    Ladies and gentlemen; the awesome Daniel Libeskind!
    Actually I knew his works through Gehry’s works, because I’m also great fan of architecture and other arts.
    Currently it’s common to an industrial designer to be considered an architect, but differently.
    And Libeskind’s evidently a smart one, so creative and original.

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